Lifecycle support policy

Product lifecycle support and service policy


Dell Wyse produces high quality hardware and software products, and we have a rich set of support offerings when issues impact product performance or functionality. The support and service offerings vary during the lifecycle of the product, as explained in this Product Lifecycle Support and Service policy.

Our support and service offerings fall into two general categories: Technical Support and Product Maintenance or Service. You can choose the Technical Support and Product Maintenance programs that meet your company's needs. Please refer to the Customer Support section of our website for more information about the various programs we offer.

Technical Support refers to general troubleshooting to isolate potential causes and issue resolution (usually through software hot-fixes and workarounds). Product Maintenance involves product modification to resolve issues and product repair to resolve failures. Modifications are implemented through hot-fixes and service packs (for software and firmware) and through Field Engineering Bulletins (for hardware). Repairs are performed by the repair or replacement of modules.

The Technical Support and Product Maintenance offerings vary during the four product lifecycle phases. The four phases in our product lifecycle are:

  • Active
  • Mature
  • Retired
  • End-of-Life (EOL)

Product Lifecycle Matrix Table - Thin Clients
Product Lifecycle Matrix Table - General Purpose Terminals
Product Lifecycle Matrix Table - Software Products

Active phase

The Active Phase begins when the product become generally available for sale. General availability is announced on and in press releases. During the Active Phase, products enjoy the highest level of technical support and maintenance. Hot-fixes, Service Packs, and Field Engineering Bulletins are released as needed during the Active Phase. Full service is supported and provided. The Active Phase ends when the product is moved to either the Mature Phase or the Retired Phase.

Mature phase

When a newer version or a good replacement for a product becomes available, the current product does not usually go away immediately. Thus, the existing product may move from Active Phase to Mature Phase and may be available only on a limited or build to order basis. Technical Support for products does not change when a product enters the Mature Phase, but Product Maintenance updates are less frequent or discontinued completely. Hot-fixes and Field Engineering Bulletins are likely to be released only to resolve critical issues, and Service Packs are generally not released for products in the Mature Phase. Full service is supported and provided. When we announce that we are no longer selling a product (as posted in the product sections of, it is moved from the Mature Phase to the Retired Phase.

Retired phase

This period gives you a chance to plan an orderly transition from one product to the next one that is best for you. The Retired Phase gives you time to plan before the next phase (End of Life), when Technical Support may no longer be available. During the Retired Phase, Technical Support is available just as in the Active and Retired Phases, but Maintenance is extremely limited. Hot-fixes and Field Engineering Bulletins may only be released for the most critical of issues, and Service Packs will no longer be available. Full service is still provided. When we announce that a product is being retired (as posted in, we also provide an estimated EOL date, which is usually 6-12 months after the day when the product enters into the Retired Phase.

End-of-Life phase

EOL is announced on Once a product has reached this phase, you may continue to use the product within the terms of the product licensing agreement, but the support options are very limited. There may be historical information in the Knowledge Base or other online resources, but the database is not updated and the information is provided "as-is". Full service is provided and supported for up to 2 1/2 years after the EOL announcement. For an additional 2 years, Dell Wyse will provide limited service which may include product replacement with a compatible or similar model. After EOL is announced, Dell Wyse reserves the right to discontinue applicable service programs.